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Transported Cooled Semen
Chris and Keith Morgan
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Stallion Service Contract
Transported Cooled Semen
I hereby request a reservation for the mare named below to the stallion, W W Eli, AQHA Registration Number 3541550, for the __________________ breeding season on the following terms:
   I agree to pay a breeding fee of $1000.00  Of that amount, a ______________ nonrefundable booking fee shall be payable with this contract.  The unpaid balance of _______________must be paid before any cooled semen will be transported.   This breeding fee includes the first collection/lab and shipping  fees only. A refundable deposit of $250.00 is required for the use of an Equitainer.  The Equitainer must be returned within 10 days.  Or you may purchase a disposable shipping container for $35.00.  
   I understand that in addition to the breeding fee, I will be responsible for all costs of the semen shipping process: including the ground-shipping fee after the first shipment..  A collection/lab fee of $150.00 will be charged for each additional shipment needed after the first collection and must be paid prior to shipment.  The Equitainer deposit or the purchase of the disposable container will apply to any additional shipments.
   Nagrom Farm offers either FedEx Priority Overnight service or Overnight Service through the US Mail.   You are responsible for the actual shipping charge.
   The breeding season in force for this contact shall begin on February 1st and close July 1st of the year covered by this contract.
   I understand that I must (A) get permission from Nagrom Farm prior to inducing heat cycles and coordinate all semen shipments in advance with the needs for semen at the breeding farm, (B) notify Nagrom Farm when mare comes in heat, (C) notify Nagrom Farm 48 hours before I anticipate time of ovulation, (D) confirm my order for semen by 8 p.m. EST on the evening before shipment is to be sent.  All shipments will be Federal Express, UPS Overnight or US Mail unless other arrangements are made in advance.
   The mare offered for breeding shall be in a healthy and sound breeding condition and free from infection or disease.  Nagrom Farm reserves the right to require that a mare have a clean uterine culture prior to breeding.  A Photostat copy of mare's registration papers (both sides) must accompany this signed contract.
   I agree that only the mare designated on this contract will be inseminated with the shipped semen and that she will carry her own foal.  A Breeder's Certificate will be issued to the mare owner after the foal is born and all financial obligations incurred by the owner have been settled.
   Live Foal Guarantee (LFG).  It is agreed that a live foal result from this mating.  Live foal means the foal shall stand and nurse on it's own.  If the mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if the foal is stillborn; Nagrom Farm will reship semen during the current year until July 1st and/or give a return service the following year.  If the mare does not settle the second year, Nagrom Farm may require "on premises breeding for mare with standard breeding fees applying".  This LFG will apply only if written certification is provided by a licensed veterinarian that the mare has aborted or produced a nonviable foal; and if the mare has been properly vaccinated for Rhinopneumonitis as indicated by the drug manufacturer (Booster at 5th, 7th, and 9th month of gestation).  In addition, Nagrom Farm     requires that the mare be checked for pregnancy by ultrasound examination at 14-16 days and again at 25-35 days to ensure LFG.
   The stallion has been DNA tested.    The semen has been analyzed and tested and is free from infectious or contagious disease.  The sperm count, motility/collection and packaging process meets or exceeds the industry standard.   Nagrom Farm assumes responsibility only to ship enough extended semen (in valuable condition at the time of collection) that the mare owner should receive required amount of motile sperm within a 24-hour delivery time.
   I understand that the burden of conception is placed entirely on me, the mare owner, and my veterinarian or technician.  I understand that the mare must be bred immediately, on the same day semen is received, and proper methods of handling must be used.
   I understand all requirements of The American Quarter Horse Association and will fill proper paperwork out and return then in a timely fashion.  I will pay all costs for DNA testing of the mare and foal, registration fees and any other miscellaneous fees that are applicable.  
   If Prior to settling the mare, the Stallion should die, be sold, or become unfit for semen collection, the breeding fee less the booking fee will be refunded.  If the mare dies or becomes unfit to breed, another mare may be substituted with the stallion owner's consent.
   I agree that Nagrom Farm will not be held liable for delays in delivery, semen that is lost in shipment, or mishandled in any manner after is leaves the breeding farm.  Responsibility for insurance and risk of loss passes to the mare owner with this contract.  Owner assumes the unavoidable risks inherent in all horse-related activities: including, but not limited to the semen, shipping container, owner's horses(s), owner, and family members.  Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the stallion breeder, agents, veterinarians, employees, and family.  Mare owner must pay all court costs and attorney fees incurred should any suit arise.
   This contract is made and entered into in the County of Carroll, the State of Maryland, and that it shall be interpreted, enforced and transacted under the laws of said state, and within the designated county, regardless of the manner of breeding solicitation.
   I certify that I am the sole owner of said Mare and have full authority to enter into this contract.
   Signing this contract indicates that I have read and fully understand all of the terms and conditions outlined herein.  I accept this contract as a legal and binding instrument.  

Mare's Name____________________________   
Reg. No.___________________ Year Foaled________

Color___________Expected Date of Shipment____________
Mare is:  Maiden    Open     In Foal     Wet

I accept the above agreement.

Mare Owner Signature


Accepted and approved by:

Chris & Keith Morgan
 4145 Littlestown Pike                                       
Westminster, MD  21158                                                                             
(410) 346-6448
Fax (346) 6478