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Designing your chaps
Show you how to give your chaps a personal touch.  Use these ideas and sample designs to create your own style.
Contains a detailed list of the items needed to complete your project.  Items included in the list are the supplies needed to make and layout your pattern, the approximate amount of Ultra Suede or leatherl needed and other items used to make your chaps.
Gives a very precise measurement chart, which shows you exactly what measurements to take so that you end result will be the fit you desire.
Making the Pattern
Making your pattern is the most important part to obtain a great custom fir.  Follow these step by step instructions to draw you pattern.
Shows an example of how to place you pattern pieces on you material.  Patter pieces may be put on the material in any fashion as long as they are placed along the grain of the fabric.
Cutting Material
Lets  you create how plan or fancy you would like your chaps by suggesting the use of different types of sheers.
All sewing is done by top stitching using a domestic sewing machine.  This chapter gives you instruction on how to assemble the pattern pieces to complete your new chaps.

Price:  $9.95

This guide is in pdf format and will be emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours from the receipt of  your cleared payment.

There will be no refunds.


    Due to a growing demand placed on my company, I have decided to write a book containing details will illustrations for making your own chaps.  Follow these instructions and your end result will have the fit and style you desired.
    I describe the materials needed, how to take measurements, make and layout a pattern, and then how to sew you chaps using a domestic sewing machine.



    I live on a small quarter horse farm with my husband and son.  We raise, show and sell registered quarter horses.  I have been a professional trainer and a horse show judge for over 30 years.  Therefore, I realize how important it is to make a good first impression when showing your horse.
    Over 25 years ago, I began sewing custom chaps for myself and some close friends to help defray the high costs of showing horses.  It wasn't long at all until I started a small business which grew rapidly.  I decided to write these step by step instructions so that others may also save on the costs of showing and get great fitting chaps by making their own.  Ultra suede material is the easiest to use and allows you to be extremely colorful and creative.  
    Have fun using your own person touch and creating beautiful chaps.



    Chris Morgan has been a friend and consultant for years.  I long admired the clothes she made and wore in the show ring at shows we attended together.  She has made hand-sewn stage outfits for my daughter (who is a country music singer) for many years.  After reading her book on custom made chaps, I thought that even I, a frustrated sewer could make a pair of chaps!  The book is easy to read, laid out in easy to read stages, and includes pictures as guides to help the reader along.  If you ever want to try your hand at making you own chaps, this is the book to try!      Lois Szymanski, Union Mill, MD

    I found this book very helpful.  Making chaps with Ultra suede works very well and makes the costs sufficiently lower that purchasing an already make pair.  I have made them mostly for the young riders, so you can see the cost is very important.  It  seems they outgrow them within a year to two.
    The instructions were very easy to follow and I particularly liked the measurement chart in Chapter Three.  Using these measurements gave the chaps a good custom fit, thus pleasing the buyers.  
    I would fully recommend this guide to anyone interested in making chaps.
 Eleanora Puglisi,  Westminster, MD

    I just wanted to thank you for creating an easy to read and to understand manual on how to make and design you own chaps.  The diagrams you supplied made it easier for me to follow because I could see what you were explaining in the book.  I finished my western chaps and wore them.  Everyone was impressed that I was able to make my own chaps and save a large amount of money in doing so.  I feel I have accomplished a large feat as I am only an intermediate seamstress.  Gail White, New Windsor, MD

    After reading "A Complete Guide to Making Chaps With a Custom Fit", I was amazed at how easy it can be.  With limited sewing experience, I made my child a pair of Ultra suede chaps that came out almost perfect - almost as if they had been custom made by a professional.  This book is easy to read, the pictures are very helpful and the instructions are simple to follow, even for a beginner.
    The instructional method allows you to reduce the cost and time involved in custom ordering you chaps.  You can now have several pair at a reasonable price while working at your own pace.
    This book is a wonderful beginner's guide to making chaps.  Sandi Collins,  Sykesville, MD